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Best Web Hosting Services in Iceland in 2021

There are several factors to consider when comparing
the available hosting providers. Hosting Iceland is designed
to provide you accurate details regarding the best rated
web hosting companies in Iceland.

"Web hosting is not “one size fits all”
kind of product. All websites are
different and have therefore different
requirements. "

Björn Karlsson
Icelandic Hosting Expert

The first place goes to OvalHost web hosting!

The best value for your money!

OvalHost was able to deliver web hosting services according to international standards, with lower price than most of its competitors. They also rated high up and almost all areas that we reviewed. The free extras and friendly customer support made OvalHost our top pick of all Icelandic hosting providers.


The cost of web hosting is often the first thing most customers look at. Anyone with more experience in web hosting industry understands, that it is unsuitable to compare $2-dollar hosting service to one that costs $50 USD. For this reason, we take the price/quality ratio always into account. Pricing-wise OvalHost was surprisingly affordable compare to other hosting providers. This may be because they are relatively new players on Icelandic web hosting market, which is why they don’t want to price themselves too high.

Quality of the Service

OvalHost is providing cPanel control panel. Which is the most used platform in shared hosting industry. cPanel comes by default with lots of useful features that helps users to manage their hosting accounts. OvalHost services are scalable and you can easily upgrade your them to a more advanced solution, without needing to change the hosting provider once your website grows in size. They were also able to provide the second-best uptime (99.96%) of all service providers we reviewed in Iceland.


It’s always nice to get those little extra features that make your life easier. For most hosting companies in Iceland these extras did not exist – not even if you were ready to pay for them. What made OvalHost to glow in this area, was the fact that they provide features, such as SpamExperts spam filter and Weebly Website Builder free of charge to all their customers.

Customer support

OvalHost is the only hosting provider in Iceland which have live chat available around the clock. Therefore, their response time was always under 1-minute. We also tested their ticketing system and the first response from the support agent was received within 5 minutes. They have Level-1, 2 and 3 support techs on duty 24-hours a day. We tried to generate a complex situation during off-hours, in which Level-3 technician was required. The ticket was quickly escalated and resolved even though it was past mid night on Sunday morning.


This hosting provider claims to be more secure than their competitors by providing free DDoS protection and 2-factor authentication (additional paid service). It is certainly helpful to know that their outgoing mail is filtered and monitored by 24/7 Spam filtering system. This will reduce the chances of your IP being blacklisted by internet service providers and causing delivery errors with email.


OvalHost was the only web hosting provider in Iceland that we would suggest for web masters who are expecting to get the international standard offshore. If you want to host your website in Iceland, this is probably your best pick. They also offer other hosting locations in case you want to host websites in Asia, Europe or America. You can try their services risk free for 30-days as they provide full money back guarantee. In case you aren’t happy with them, you can always get a refund.