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Best Web Hosting Services in Iceland in 2021

There are several factors to consider when comparing
the available hosting providers. Hosting Iceland is designed
to provide you accurate details regarding the best rated
web hosting companies in Iceland.

"Web hosting is not “one size fits all”
kind of product. All websites are
different and have therefore different
requirements. "

Björn Karlsson
Icelandic Hosting Expert

How do we rate hosting providers?

We have listed the most popular web hosting service providers in Iceland and reviewed their services. We have tested all these hosting services individually. Our rating score is based on price, service quality, features, customer support and security.


The cost of web hosting service is often a big factor when making your decision of choosing the right web hosting provider. As you can see in our comparison chart, the most expensive is not always the best. In fact, our research proved the results in this case to be exactly the opposite. When we compare services with each other, we reflect the package price on features and service quality provided. This way we can rank hosting providers and select the company that provides the best web hosting in Iceland.

Service quality

When comparing the service quality, we take in to account several things. Including, control panel provided, service uptime and satisfaction guarantee. Such as money back guarantee. We give higher score for hosting companies who offer wider variety of services. This way helping their customers having all their services under one roof. Another important factor taken in to count is the service uptime. We expect any service provider to have at least 99.9% uptime. The uptime shown on our chart was measured in period of 30 days by using Third-Party uptime monitoring system. We will keep measuring the uptime and update it accordingly on the website. Some Iceland web hosting companies, such as OrangeWebsite have been in business for longer period. Keeping services up and running consistently gives a hosting provider more credibility.


For most webmasters who are not tech savvy, the extra features are what makes the difference between a great hosting service and average one. Providing extra features often come with an additional cost and can cause more hassle for a web hosting provider. That’s why many hosting providers cut corners, instead of providing the full set of services. Hosts who do not neglect the end user service experience will score higher in our book.

Customer support

This is one of the single most important factors when choosing a hosting provider and for that reason it deserves to be rated on its own section. Customer support is what either makes the hosting company great or lousy. No matter how experienced webmaster you are, you will one day need help from your hosting company. This is where the biggest differences between service providers are normally found.

We favor hosting companies who provide the most convenient ways to contact the customer support. In our review only one company provided 24/7 live chat support. We also pay attention to support ticket response time and resolution time. Which varies significantly between the hosting providers. When your has a problem or is completely down, every minute of downtime means loss of income. For a service provider to deliver the best webhosting in Iceland, we expect certain quality from their support.


It is extremely important that your web hosting provider takes care of security of their hosting environment. Whereas this area is difficult, if not impossible to investigate completely from our end. We can affirm that some service providers give better security features than others. In order to see what is the best web hosting service in Iceland security-wise, we overview the common and less common vulnerabilities of the hosting environment and give more value for companies who provide extra security features.

The first place goes to OvalHost web hosting!

The best value for your money!

OvalHost was able to deliver web hosting services according to international standards, with lower price than most of its competitors. They also rated high up and almost all areas that we reviewed. The free extras and friendly customer support made OvalHost our top pick of all Icelandic hosting providers.

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